Socializing with Family and Neighbors

Let’s talk about something else! How to re-socialize with the community around you

No one is one-dimensional, no one is a single viewpoint, and no one is a single vote. Taking the skills learned in active listening, we can be reminded that our neighbours have children, exciting weekend plans, or have even car trouble, just like us. Thru the election and now into the first 100 days of President Trump’s administration, life has become non-stop politics and many of us are feeling fear and anger towards our friends and family. If we can remember they are feeling those same emotions, we can start to heal together. Where do we start?

In order to socialize with someone you don't like, you have to ignore what you don't like about them long enough to find the commonality between the two of you”

The first step to socializing with your red state friends and family is to decide you want to get to know them better, or to get to know them all over again. The anger and frustration we all feel can be a fantastic motivator to rally action but can also be a wall we put up to keep ourselves separate. If you are able to find common ground first, you can talk politics later.

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Use Social Media

We all love airing political frustrations and sharing memes, but it’s necessary to consciously use your feed to rebuild ties and promote unity. Post old photos and tag family to remind them of your bonds. “Like” friends non-ideological posts and comment on their photos.

Throw a block party

Spring is coming and it’s time to light up the grill and put the beer on ice. Make an invitation and pass it out to everyone on the block, even the neighbour with the Trump sign still up. Invite all the kids and play some classic rock. Let yourself enjoy a day talking to new and old friends without feeling the stress coming off the beltway.

Simply call them

If you feel you will not be emotionally or personally assaulted, try to give them a call. Don’t mention President Trump or the GOP. If you have had tense interactions with this person before they will be waiting for you to make a comment. Don’t. Ask them about the kids, tell them a funny story; Make plans to grab a coffee or go on a hike. Surprise them with lightheartedness!

We don't get harmony when everybody sings the same note. Only notes that are different can harmonize. The same is true with people.” 

Source: Democrats Abroad Mexico, Costa Banderas: Rachaal Steele, uploaded by Dean McIntyre

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