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1. Many members are asking where events will be held around the world. To make sure they find yours, be sure you have added your event to the DA website ASAP, EVEN IF YOU HAVE POSTED IT ON FACEBOOK OR ELSEWHERE. To be sure it is added to the special event page on the website, email with the event link.

2. If your event is also posted on Facebook, we encourage you to add @DemsAbroad as a co-host so that it will appear on the events tab of the global Facebook page. Click here to learn how to do it.

3. You can also add your event to the Keep Families Together facebook page (LINK).



1. Remember to use your events to drive voter registration and ballot requests. Even while keeping the events themselves nonpartisan, be sure to ask every American you meet if they have requested a ballot this year. Even better: collect names to follow up with after or help them request a ballot on the spot.

2. Review the guide to DA marches, demonstrations and vigils (LINK).

3. Read these suggestions on Adding Diversity to Your Events (LINK).

4. Have sign-in and sign-up sheets to track interest and member activity. 


1. Here is a sample press release for you to use, plus a sample media invitation
Do consider these samples and adjust the red text as needed for your committee. 

2. Report any coverage afterward using this template (LINK).
Download or select "make a copy" under the File menu to edit, and then send to Please include any mention of DA , no matter how short, whether video, article or blog post, in any language.

3. Tips for Successful Media Pitches
A press release doesn't sell the story, it just gives the details the journalist needs, after they are inspired to read further. Encouraging the journalist to respond and engage is what you'll need to do within your pitch, most frequently done via email.

    • Keep your email short - under 200 words - and get straight to the point.
    • Address the recipient by their name. 
    • Every email should be unique and add a personal touch if possible. If you copy/paste an email, they will know it. 
    • Give a very brief intro into who you am and who your organization is. 
    • Give an emotional hook for the recipient to want more information. 
    • Explain how writing about the event will be mutually beneficial.
    • Have a good understanding of what the recipient publishes to ensure that the content is completely relevant to them. 
    • Email subject should be short and encompass the content idea within it.
    • Consider reaching out to journalists via social media first.
    • Don't be afraid to follow up in email or other means. Some journalists will have their desk phone number and/or social media handles publicly available.

4. Talking Points
Democrats Abroad is the state Democratic party for overseas Americans. We represent the 6.7 million eligible voters overseas (out of 9 million total). That’s a bigger voting bloc than all but 12 US states. We have members in over 190 countries around the world, and 43 country committees. We provide our members with tools to help them stand up for democracy - through regularly published actions, events they can participate in, and a friendly community of like minded American citizens living abroad. Our primary focus is to get out the vote abroad and advocate for overseas American issues... More talking points about DA here: LINK

  • Talking Points on issues 'in the news' (LINK) and especially on where we stand regarding Trump's family separation policies. 


Discuss who will be posting on social media, and decide who will be leading social media and content creation (aka photography and video!). This can be tricky to do while you are also organizing an event without a plan in place ahead of time.

Hashtags so far are: #keepfamiliestogether #familiesbelongtogether #DAresists

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