Postcards to Hard to Reach Members

Every committee has a list of members we can't reach through phone banking or by email, but are still on our lists and able to vote.

Sometimes it just takes a nudge, or a postcard!

Here's how to easily send postcards to those hard to find members and get out the vote this November:

  1. Open your membership list and set a filter for your hard to reach members. 
    We suggest you use just the first two filters BUT if you have hundreds of hard to reach members, you might want to further narrow down the list by adding previous voters to it.
  2. Create a list of these members in Nationbuilder and ask the helpdesk team to export it for you:

  3. Plan a get together with your members to send postcards! Don't forget:

    To ask participants to sign a confidentiality agreement
    To bring the list of addresses 
    To bring sample postcard scripts
    To bring postcards and stamps 
    To ask participants to consider donating to help pay for the postcards and stamps 

Sample postcard script:

Hi (firstname),This is (myname) from DA (country committee)! A fast reminder to make sure you've requested your ballot at and protected it for the year! Any questions please let us know (add your CC's email). Thanks a lot! 

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