Template to use for organizing marches

2017 [[Country Committee]] Demonstration Briefing 


Name of demonstration 


Date and  (time here)


Locations listed


Democrats Abroad [[Country Committee]]

Primary organizer: [[Name organizer]]


1)      To provide members with the opportunity to make a statement and get more involved with DA

2)      To increase DA visibility in [[Country Committee]] through positive press coverage

3)      To stand with DA chapters around the world, and Americans in the United States

4)      Etcetera


Sample message: This demonstration is for democracy, openness, tolerance, and civil rights with respect for the dignity of all. It is intended to make clear that President Trump and the Republican Congress will be held accountable by us Democrats, in loyal opposition.

We stand for protecting civil rights and our values, justice and equality, an economy that works for all, rule of law, protecting our environment, and an international order of laws and institutions that preserves peace and promotes cooperation.

We thank President Barack Obama for eight years of inspiring leadership that emphasized hope, not fear.

We are pro-USA and reaffirm the Democratic Party platform which says that “Democrats believe that cooperation is better than conflict, unity is better than division, empowerment is better than resentment, and bridges are better than walls.”


Participants should not question the legality of the election results.

We may not endorse any local political party or candidate, and cannot formally invite non-American groups or political parties. We also may not condemn any local political party or candidate.

Non-US citizens are welcome to join in solidarity, but the emphasis should be on US citizens speaking out about what we, as Americans, believe in.

Promotion Strategy

The event will be published on the website, which will be the definitive sign-up method. We will also create a Facebook event through the DA [[Country Committee]]  Facebook page with a link to the website event page.

All DA [[Country Committee]] members will be emailed in early January to announce the event, which will be followed with instructions and guidelines one week before the inauguration to all members and to RSVP’d participants.

In (date) we will distribute a press release and members may also spread the word to non-American friends and allies, provided there is no formal coordination with non-American groups that could be construed as providing value (in-kind or otherwise) to DA.

The global hashtag for the event will be announced in early January

Prepare a general Democrats Abroad global statement for members to sign who cannot participate.

Proposed Budget

[[xxx]] to cover signs and banners and miscellaneous expenses, with focus on re-usability for the future. Communications with members will also make specific appeals for funds to cover the expense.

Organizing to do list

-          Police permits [[Name organizer]]

-          Inform Embassy RSO [[Name organizer]]

-          Planning meetings in mid-December and mid-January [[Name organizer]]

-          Sign-making [[Name organizer]]

-          Slogans / chanting [[Name organizer]]

-          Press officer(s) [[Name organizer]]

-          Local volunteers  [[Name organizer]]

-          2 Marshalls [[Name organizer]]

-          Decision makers / police liaisons [[Name organizer]]

-          Create participant guidelines [[Name organizer]]

Additional Day-of needs (suggestions)

-          Sign-up sheets

-          Signs

-          US flags

-          Megaphone

-          Microphones/platform if speeches

-          Filming and photographing

-          Roping of speaker area to keep participants organized

-          Orange vests for traffic marshalls 

-          Handouts with chants/information about organization

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