Thank You Obama - 20 Jan

PDF version for download: THANK YOU OBAMA-20Janv2.pdf

January 20, 2017, suggested time 12 noon, Eastern Standard Time

A series of candlelight vigils at U.S. embassies, consulates, official residences or other appropriate locations to be held in cities around the world on Inauguration Day, the moment that the Obama Presidency ends (17:00 GMT/18:00 CET).

To show support for the principles of democracy and to thank the outgoing Obama Administration and U.S. Embassy & Consular officials for their service during the past eight years, steering the country through numerous economic and geopolitical challenges, improving our foreign relations and standing in the world community.

For Whom
Anyone, especially American citizens and dual/more nationals living, studying or travelling abroad, and their friends and supporters, including local citizens and any American, American-related or local groups, clubs, schools, institutions, businesses, etc.

The specifics and details will obviously depend on local context. Some general suggestions and guidelines include:

  1. Identify an appropriate time and location convenient/significant to an official U.S. presence in your city, such as the local embassy/consulate, official residence, monument, etc.
  2. Coordinate with local civil and security authorities for authorization, such as demonstration permits, restrictions, etc.
  3. Communicate with your local embassy/consulate so they are aware of the event and can be present to receive its message of thanks.
  4. Create a DA website event, Facebook Event (public), email invitation and other communication tools for easy dissemination.
  5. Communicate the invitation via personal, social, professional and political networks, including American/international schools, American Clubs, Facebook groups, expat networks, American firms, Democrats/Republicans abroad etc. In Portugal, we have decided to communicate on a personal basis rather than as Democrats Abroad, to insure the non-partisan nature of the event.
  6. Provide contact information for public, official or media inquiries.
  7. During the week prior, send a press release to local and national media, including print, online and broadcast outlets, and local correspondents for U.S./other foreign news organizations and any U.S.-based outlets. We have contacted some press organizations in Portugal and have gotten a good initial response of their interest.
  8. Arrange for candles, signs, banners, speakers, singers, choirs, etc.
  9. Respect all local laws, ordinances and directions from security officers.
  10. Have fun, be peaceful and enjoy each other's company.
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