Ideas for Adding Diversity to Your Events

Growing community is a key element in our work to get out the vote. To help make that happen, we're promoting increasing diversity in the events you organize, and the events you partner in.    

Make a checklist

Putting together a checklist of interest groups makes it easy to see where you can stretch to for new events. Here are a few ideas to start with:


Black caucus

Hispanic caucus

LGBT caucus

Progressive caucus

Women's caucus

Youth caucus

Demographic ranges

College students

Twenty somethings

Families with kids

Trailing spouses




Gun control

Universal Healthcare

Voter Protection

Reach out to Partners

You don't have to organize lots of events to do lots of outreach. Luckily there other groups already organizing. Keep your checklist in mind and start reaching out to groups who might be running events that correspond to your list.

Partner and event examples
Each of the groups often run events that attract Americans interested in their offerings. Sign up for their newsletters, and talk to their organizers about how you can add DA to the mix.  

  • English language universities: seminars, speaker series, lectures, etc

  • The American Center at US embassies: seminars, lectures, concerts etc that match topics

  • Left-leaning organizations like PAGE, Moms in Action, etc: letter writing, rallies, marches, etc

  • Women's clubs: US speakers, movies, book discussions, etc

  • English language cultural groups: Theater, political movies  

  • English language children’s organizations: Theater, holiday events, etc


Use your webpage, email and facebook to advertise, even partner events. Just don’t email spam.  

The One Constant

Make sure voter registration is always on the agenda. Set up a VR table, hand out postcards, make a visible constant.

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