Week of Action Project Briefs

Social Media hashtags - #daweekofaction

Letter writing - organize a letter writing party with your members, and write letters to a Congressional committee or your own Members of Congress focused on one issue. 

Committee calls - organize a calling event to call Democratic Senators regarding Trump's cabinet picks. 

Online vigil - the Youth Caucus will be running an online vigil the week before the inauguration for members unable to attend other events in person (details to follow). 

"Thank You Obama" Candlelight vigil - join country committees around the world in a candlelight vigil on the 20th to celebrate the achievements of President Obama

Membership drive - activism grows membership. Use the week of action to promote a membership drive across your country. 

Banner party - before your march, meet with your members (and children) to create banners for the march. 

January 21 March with Washington - many countries around the world are planning marches to coincide with the Women's March on Washington. This is a great way to garner press and motivate your membership. Remember to read the guidelines first! 

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