How to Join a WebEx meeting (outdated)

How to access and participate in a DA conference call using WebEx

For DPCA and DA committee audio and video conference calls.

Democrats Abroad uses a computer-based audio and video conferencing system called WebEx for our on-line meetings.

This allows for both video and voice remote participation using your computer via a VoIP (Voice over IP) feature built into the service. 

Your computer needs to be equipped with a microphone and speakers. (And a WebCam if you want to share video from your side).

Questions? Contact the DA WebEx Help Team at:

WebEx Conferencing Access Instructions:

1) Prepare your computer for using WebEx

If you are using WebEx for the first time on your computer, follow the steps in our How To SetUp WebEx on your computer help pages.

2) Locate your WebEx Meeting

On the day of the conference call, we recommend that you login to the WebEx conference system on your computer at least 15 minutes in advance (or up to 30 minutes in advance, if you have not previously used WebEx)  to make sure that you can connect successfully. 

Option #1
Go to: and click on the left side bar.
Under "Meetings" you can access the list of meetings available, and you should see the name and time of your meeting (all meetings are in EST time-zone)
Select the meeting link and click "Join"

Option #2
Go to: and enter the 9-digit Meeting Number (if you have it available) in the space titled "Join a Meeting" and hit Enter. This will take you directly to the page to log in to your meeting in the same way browsing the Meeting list does, but does it a few steps quicker.

3) Join the Meeting

Enter your "Name" in the format: Committee Name-Title, Full Name
Enter the meeting Password: "XXXX"
Your browser will launch the "Meeting Center" application.
NOTE: this will launch a Java application that will appear as a new application on your computer's taskbar. This may take several minutes for the first time installation.

4) Set up Audio and Video connection

To participate in the conference via the built-in WebEx VoIP service, select the "Audio Conference" icon. 
In the pop-up window, click on the text "Use Computer Audio" then click on "Call Using Computer" -- this will enable you to use your computer microphone and speakers to speak and listen to the conference.

  • We strongly recommended that you use the "Call Using Computer" method to join the call.
  • If you cannot use your computer, you can also call into a US-based telephone number.  HOWEVER, DA is charged per-minute fees for all calls to the US telephone number. So please use the "Call using Computer" option if at all possible.

When on the call:

Requst to speak

  •  To request to speak, participants should start a chat note with asterisks, writing:
    • "**HAND UP" posted to "Everyone" in the WebEx Chat box.  

       (This will keep an ordered list of participant requests and be visible to all participants.  The "Raise Hand" button does not keep track of speaking order, and is not visible to other participants.)

Local Time Zone Calculations

The Time Zone Calculations page has a number of tools to help you calculate time zone differences.

Step-by-Step setup guide for installing WebEx for your browser

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