How to record a meeting

How to record a meeting

  1. You must have Host/Presenter privileges. Participants, ask your host to record the meeting. Hosts will send out a link to the recording which can be streamed to a participant.

  1. Once logged on as Host/Presenter, check your recording settings. Set to "Record on Server" and check "Record Audio from This Computer"

  1. Press the "Record" option either on the menu or on the desktop. A recording tab will open on the right side of the meeting center. Note: it's typically at the botton/left and easily missed.

  1. Press the "Pause" button to pause the recording. Useful during breaks.


  1. Press the "Stop" button to stop recording. This will automatically save the meeting on the WebEx server.

  1. Once stopped, the meeting may be retrieved via a WebEx Admin request.
A link will be sent back to the requester.

Please allow 1 business week for the requests to be processed.

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