DPCA Meeting Tech Setup Requirements

Tech Requirements for Annual Meeting of DPCA
original: Monday, 1 September 2014
updated:  5 Oct 2016

Please also carefully review the In-room Moderator Tips and Guidance page if you are preparing for a combined In-Room and Remote participant event.

Updated WebEx and Technical Conference Room specification notes for DPCA Global Meetings

  • In-Room Audio
    • In-room audio PA system to ensure clear voice audio coverage in the room.
    • Minimum of 4 (four) portable microphones (cordless preferred) – 1 for Podium, 1 for Head Table, and 2 to be able to pass around the room to reach room participants
      • Depending on cost, ideal is to have on-table conference room microphones to avoid the mic pass-around problem (but not at significantly increased cost)
    • Audio Mixer with echo/feedback suppression to integrate room microphones and laptop audio in/out for WebEx video conferencing
    • Audio and video and network cables with necessary adaptors of sufficient length to reach WebEx Hub, WebEx Moderator,  Podium, Video projector(s), and Sound Mixer (including USB to audio adaptor)
    • -
  • Internet Capacity
    • Fixed ethernet connection with bandwidth of a for WebEx Host computer of 4 Mbps (minimum dedicated 1.5 Mbps)
    • Good WiFi coverage for 50+ (up to 150) participants and mobile devices, minimum 1.5 Mbps
      • Bandwidth should be separate for WebEx and in-room WiFi coverage
    • -
  • In-room and WebEx Video
    • Video projector and screen for video display of WebEx and presentations
      • Depending on room layout two simultaneous projectors could be beneficial (participants need to be able to read text on the screen)
    • HD 720p WebCam 
    • 3 (three) tripod camera stands for WebCams — we used four separate webcams in Berlin in May 2016
    • USB extender cables to be able to position webcams
    • -
  • Computers
    • Dedicated "Hub" computer for WebEx hosting with cabled connections to Projector, Audio-In and Audio-Out to Audio Mixer, WebCams, and network connection — 
      • should be relatively up-to-date computer (Quad-core, min. 2GB RAM, dedicated GPU video card)
    • 2nd dedicated laptop computer for podium presentations
    • 3rd computer for WebEx host management highly preferred as well
    • -
  • Power Plugs
    • power strips near participant seats/tables is ideal, or at least a "charging station" near one of the walls with several outlets
    • -
  • On-site Technical support
    • Room and technical set-up and testing
    • on-call for audio and video troubleshooting management
      • (full-time audio and technical support should not be necessary)
  • Misc
    • Floor tape to secure cross-floor wires
    • European to US power plug adaptors
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