How to Change your WebEx Participant Name

Participants in DA WebEx meetings are asked to use a standardized format for your Participant Name.
You need to set your Participant Name before you join a WebEx meeting.  There are in a couple of different options described below.

Using WebEx within DA

A few pointers on how we use WebEx within Democrats Abroad

  1. Never “Sign In” or “Log In” to WebEx, only select => Join Meeting
    DA users do not have individual WebEx user accounts, so no-one ever “signs in” to a meeting, only use the Join Meeting button/link 

  2. Always include your Full Name and your Country Committee, and Position as part of your Participant Name:
    e.g., Mary Jones (Latvia, Chair)

  3. If you have joined with an incorrect Participant Name, you need to “Leave Meeting” and re-Join to be able to change your Participant Name
    => You must first Leave a meeting to be able to change your name.
    => You can then Re-Join the meeting with the correct Participant Name

  4. You should make note of the WebEx Meeting Number, and the Meeting Password – you will need these to Join any DA meeting.

Options for Changing your WebEx Participant Name.

1. Use the Audio/Video Preview Screen to change your Participant Name 

The Cisco Webex Meetings application will launch on your computer once you select the meeting link, or once you choose your meeting from the WebEx Calendar.

The Audio/Video Preview Screen will give you the chance to test your sound and video settings.

In the top-left corner you'll find your Participant Name with a "Pencil" icon.

Select the pencil icon and change your name to include your Full Name and your Country Committee, and Position as part of your Participant Name:
e.g., Mary Jones (Latvia, Chair)

2. Use the Cisco Webex Meetings desktop App

If you are using a Windows or Mac computer, then WebEx will typically install a separate application which can make it easier to join future WebEx meetings.  This program is called “Cisco Webex Meetings” (which is not the same as “Webex Meetings” which is running when you are in an active meeting.)

Launch the Cisco Webex Meetings app – also called the Cisco Webex
When you select the meeting link in your e-mail, your browser may give you a Pop-Up message asking you to open the Cisco Webex app.

The Cisco Webex Meetings app stores your Participant Name.
You can edit your name by selecting the “Pencil” icon to make changes to your listed Name and Email address.

Reminder: Use the Join a Meeting field to enter the 9-digit Meeting Number, but do NOT “Sign In” 

3. Join by Web Browser

You can also join a meeting directly within your web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Vivaldi, Internet Explorer, etc.)
Note: Joining a meeting by browser has a somewhat different layout and more limited feature set than when joining using the desktop application.  This should be fine for most who are joining just as meeting participants, but is not suitable for Hosts, Presenters, or Moderators who will be running the meeting.

Paste the WebEx meeting URL into your browser address bar.

Select the option to Join by Web App in your Browser

In Modern View:

In Classic View:

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