WebEx Schedule Request Form




  • Check the WebEx Meeting Calendar to avoid conflicts with other meetings

    • There must be a 30-minute gap before and after each meeting for each Host Account

    • Up to three meetings can be scheduled with overlapping meeting times

    • The longest meeting which can be scheduled with this form is 4-hours. To schedule a longer meeting, fill out the form below and send an e-mail containing requested meeting duration to webex@democratsabroad.org

  • Schedule your meeting at least a week and no longer than three months in advance.

  • All schedules use US Eastern (Washington, D.C) time. To calculate the time in Washington, see How to calculate time in different time zones

  • Complete the form below

  • The meeting request is confirmed when you receive both the Host Key and Participant Invitation e-mails from the DA WebEx Scheduler

  • Review the meeting details (name, date, time, etc.), to make sure that they are accurate

  • Forward the Participant Invitation e-mail to your participants

  • To cancel or change the meeting, or to request a recording, fill out the WebEx Change Request Form

Get Help

The team mailbox is at webex@democratsabroad.org.

Meeting Scheduling Request Form

Direct link to form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScdwbqGEgVOdWzF0PBpwbRFX9j6nDQeSSDvper_FvwfZbyNZQ/viewform

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