WebEx Recording Request or Meeting Change Form


  • You must have the host key e-mail from the meeting you wish to change or cancel

Use this form for meetings that have already been scheduled

  • Request a streaming link to a recording of the meeting

  • Change a meeting's Date, Time, or Title
    (Note: If you have not already distributed your meeting invite, it is usually best to just Cancel your meeting and schedule a new meeting with the correct details.)

  • Request Cancellation of a meeting

Get Help

The DA WebEx team is here to help whenever possible. Requests for advice, training, or troubleshooting must be made with enough lead time so they can be reasonably coordinated on all sides. We are all volunteers working toward the same objective but, as the saying goes, "Failure to plan on your part, does not constitute an emergency on ours."

The team e-mail is: webex@democratsabroad.org

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