June 2017: Virtual Tax March

June 15, 2017 is the automatic IRS filing extension deadline for Americans overseas. In order to draw attention to our taxation issues, as well as to underscore that President Trump has yet to release his tax returns to the US public, we are relaunching Sevilla's #virtualtaxmarch campaign with a twist.

This is a social media campaign that you can run throughout the month of June – take pictures of members at meetings, March for Truth (June 3) candlelight vigils, PRIDE events, and whatever else you have going on this month. Forward the template to your remote members and encourage them to print, pose, and post to participate. We will wrap up the campaign with a bang on July 4th, so print out a few copies and bring them to your picnics, too!

Before June 15, send your pictures to takeaction@democratsabroad.org. Any pictures received by this point will be queued for the campaign's launch via DA social media channels on the 15th. If you don't have an event, please get your CC's leaders to each take a picture with the sign so that we can gather a pool of 30+ faces for the launch. The more, the merrier!

Starting June 15, post the pictures in your own social media channels – don't forget to use the hashtags #virtualtaxmarch and #DAresists so that we can find and amplify your photos throughout the month as well.

Thanks in advance for your enthusiastic participation.

Your Global Action Team

Download PDF template here:

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