Need Volunteers? Here Are Google Surveys You Can Use

If you're looking to identify volunteers with specific skill sets that you can reach out to for projects or campaigns, here's a google survey you can COPY and then PERSONALIZE for use in your own efforts. Send this out at any time to make your own handy list of people you can call on when you need help. The global IT team can help you set up the Nationbuilder ID field to autofill from your email to members – contact to get assistance with this tricky bit.

On the other side of the equation, your leaders can fill out this google survey to let you know what type of volunteer(s) they need. You can then easily match up members with specific skills from the previous survey with leaders who need specific skills from this one. Voila!

Remember, copies of these google surveys have been made available for all leaders to use. MAKE A COPY in your own google drive BEFORE EDITING .

Questions? Shoot a message to Hilary Bown, survey architect:

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