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Recent DA Wiki Updates

Wiki Content Updates and New Additions - updated May 2024

DA Leadership and Support Contacts

DA Global Meetings - 2024

Delegate Selection Plan (DSP) 2024

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2024 Annual Membership Count

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Activate Your Members

Activate Your Members

DA Wiki Introduction and Overview for Leaders and Volunteers.

If you are a new volunteer, a newly elected leader, or are just looking for an introduction refresher, then this page is for you.

Note: Some pages in the DA Wiki are restricted to DA leadership and not visible to the public.
– Send a request to the DA Wiki Team if you need further access

There's lots of information here, so feel free to click around and discover the DA World.

Democrats Abroad: Who Are We?

Democrats Abroad Volunteer Structure, Contacts Lists, our Vision & Mission Statement and related items.

This is a good place to start to better understand your role and how it fits into the overall Democrats Abroad organization.

Democrats Abroad is the largest organization of civilian Americans outside the US. We are volunteer-led, with active Committees around the world and members who vote in every U.S. state and congressional district.

We represent the millions of eligible voters who live abroad. With almost 200,000 activists and voting members in over 190 countries, our extensive reach goes far beyond our 51 formal Country Committees through engaged and active online communities of Americans around the world.

Want to learn more? Read Talking Points about DA on Communications Resources

Want an overview of Democrats Abroad including Committees, Task Forces, and Caucus Groups? /wiki/spaces/OrgLeaders/pages/3595370633 (restricted based on access)

Reference Documents: DA Vision Statement & Mission Statement , DPCA Code of Conduct , DPCA Charter and Reference Documents

Terms and Acronyms you don’t understand? Alphabet Soup for 2017

Find your fellow Leaders: /wiki/spaces/OrgLeaders/pages/7155417234 (restricted access)

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