Contact list - DA Global Executive Committee and Support Teams

DPCA Executive Committee

Martha McDevitt-Pugh - International Chair

Steve Nardi - International Vice-Chair

Josh Van der Ploeg - International Treasurer

Karen Frankenstein - International Secretary

Anne Brady - International Counsel

Hope Bradberry - RVC Americas

Suma Shamanna - RVC Asia Pacific

Jennifer Rakow-Stepper - RVC EMEA

International ExCom Group Contacts/ Deputies

Office of the International Treasurer ("Treasure Trove of Treasurers")

Support and Information Contacts

Volunteer with Democrats Abroad

Communications Team Contact (Angela Fobbs)

Press Contact (Sharon Manitta)

Vote From Abroad

Membership Count Reports & Database Updates

IT Team Help Desk

Submit Confidentiality Agreement

GDPR Help Desk

CallHub Agent Support Help Desk

Wiki Content Management Help Desk

Data & Analytics

Intercom Voter Support (Karen Frankenstein)

WebEx Scheduling

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