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Some pages in the DA Wiki are restricted to DA leadership and not visible to the public. If you are a DA leader or volunteer, and would like to have greater access to some of the leadership resources provided in this wiki, then send a request to:
NOTE: Wiki sign-in accounts are NOT connected to your DA membership account.

DPCA Leadership Documents

Global leadership and support contacts, Mission, Charter, CC Bylaws, CC Compliance, Agendas, Presentations, Reports

Info for New DA Leaders and Volunteers

Leadership orientation, training resources, best practices, and volunteer opportunities


Global & Regional Meetings

DPCA Global meetings, Regional meetings, Agendas, Presentations, Reports


Policy Discussions

Resolutions, Standing Bylaws Committee, Charter Amendments, hosting, LVD policy, DA Platform, DSP 2020

Global Presidential Primary (GPP)

Rules, forms, and dates and everything you need for your GPP Voting Center and voters!


New Stuff & Special Projects

Activate Your Members, Special Project Spaces




GOTV - Voter Information Resources

Voter Assistance & Registration, State Voting Rules, GOTV Handbook, Phone-Banking, Election Calendars, Training Materials, etc.

Issues and Constituency Working Groups

Platform, DNC News, Caucuses, Taxation, Advocacy


Comms Guidelines &
Best Practices

Guidelines for Social Media & Website Content, Media Relations Tips, Talking Points About DA, Covering the 2024 elections, plus more resources, Logos & Graphics, and Signage archives


WebEx Scheduling

WebEx Calendar, Scheduling Form, Host training, Troubleshooting


New Admin Access & Training on NationBuilder

Request access, training, & certification for Website, E-mail, Membership Database work and GDPR


DA Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality Form and submit, GDPR Policy & Compliance


Archived Resources

Recorded Town Halls, Meetings, Guest Speakers, Letters from Washington, DSP, Global Primary 2016

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