Level-1 Training Resources


DA doesn't use WebEx in the same way that many organizations do. We have developed a unique set of user protocols to help our meetings run smoothly. Our limited pool of accounts are used across the whole organization. That is why all DA WebEx Hosts are required to take this training course. Skills learned here are also useful with other web conferencing platforms.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I already use WebEx in my work, do I still need this course?
A: Yes, we run WebEx differently than most organizations and we have a unique set of DA WebEx Meeting Protocols that everyone needs to know. If you have sufficient experience with WebEx, or other conferencing platforms, think about joining our DA WebEx Volunteer support team.

Q: Once I'm a Host, may I train my team to also host?
A: Not at this time. Please feel free to get them up to speed, but to be a Certified DA WebEx Host, they must participate in a WebEx Host Certification training and pass the Level-1 Host Certification Quiz.

Level-1 Host Certification Training Slides


Download Training Slides: DA WebEx Moderator-Host Primer-v33

View Training Slides in Page:

Level-1 Host Certification Quiz

Once you have completed the live training session, you can take the: https://democratsabroad.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/WebEx/pages/7189168250

Get Help

If you have any remaining questions, the DA WebEx team is here to help whenever possible. Contact us at: webex@democratsabroad.org.

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