Have a Candidate Show and Tell Party

Learn about Women Candidates and help TAKE BACK OUR GOVERNMENT!

Are you looking for an election- related activity for your Women’s Caucus?

A record number of Women are running for office this year! DA Global Women’s Caucus does not endorse specific candidates in democratic primaries but we do encourage our members to dig in and find out all they can about candidates and races in their own States, and to vote in the special elections and primaries!

Now is the time to do your research!

A fun way to learn more about some of the hundreds of amazing new women running for office is with a “Candidate Show and Tell” party.  Each participant comes with interesting information about a favorite candidate to share with others. Discussion could include examining commonalities and differences between our Democrat candidates.

More ideas:

  • A mock election could make it fun!
  • Make voter registration part of your event by asking everyone to request their ballot from votefromabroad.org right on the spot.
  • Mark your calendars: All kinds of information on voting, including a complete schedule of primaries and deadlines  can be found on the DA website Voter’s section.
  • Learn about how DA Phonebanking works,  show our  DA Introduction to   Phonebanking Video and practice together.
  • Consider making your event a “state snack potluck.” Encourage members to bring a dish typical of their own state.

Here are a few of the best resources for researching candidates:

Please do make sure to remind everyone that DA does not support any candidates in the primaries.  Every one of them is a talented Democrat and we love them all!