How to set up WebEx on your computer

If you just wish to join a meeting, you don’t need to install WebEx. Just click the meeting link, say “no” to the install prompt from WebEx, and the meeting will be opened in your browser. You will, however, not have the full functionality of WebEx. Hosts must install the software in order to fulfill their role and we highly recommend it for everyone else.

Download the Software


Depending upon your operating system, a screen similar to this will appear:

If the download button is not directly on the screen, available downloads can be found in the menu at the top left:

Install the Software

The Windows installer is an executable program that can be started by double-clicking. A wizard guides through the remaining steps.

The Linux app is available for Red Hat and Ubuntu distributions. An overview of the WebEx app for Linux, including system requirements and known issues, is here.

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