Guidance for GWC Vigils, Demonstrations, Protests and Marches

Get Prepared:

  • Identify the purpose and objective of your event, as well as the message you are trying to convey.
  • Notify your local chapter chair and/or regional chair of your plans.
  • Please also let the GWC co-chairs know what you have planned.
  • Notify your city police and other officials of the event, this is usually required for marches.
  • Make sure that your Country allows American residents to participate in public demonstrations. Some do not.
    Ask for specific guidance as you think through any unique situation/complexities in your country.
  • Notify your local US Embassy or Consulate (the regional security officer (RSO) at a minimum)
  • Be alert to security concerns, terrorist threats to large groups of Americans, etc.
  • Notify local press before and after the event.
  • Use your DA social media platforms before, during and after the event; share photos, etc. on DA Facebook and Twitter
  • Meet ahead of time to make posters together, choose chants and/ or music, craft statements and discuss equipment needs. This will help shape the dialogue at the event.
  • Create a Democrats Abroad Global Women’s Caucus banner to carry.
  • Reach out to Our Revolution, Women's March  and other local American groups to see if they would like to join in
  • If other groups are also joining, be clear about our specific DA Global Women’s Caucus message.
  • Find a place to meet before and after the march

Choosing a location:

  • Look for iconic spots in your cities/towns (main squares, in front of recognizable buildings or monuments) or near the US Embassy or US Consulate.
  • Do not demonstrate in front of local government offices – we are not talking to local governments, but to ourselves and people of the world
  • Begin somewhere where you talk with attendees to discuss goals of the protest, and go over do’s and don’ts.
  • Try to meet afterwards at restaurant or pub to continue the conversation.



  • Focus on the positives – what we support:  tolerance, equality, civil rights for all, economy that works for all, equal pay, family leave, quality affordable education, affordable quality health care,
    progress on climate and the environment, multilateral foreign policy, bridges rather than walls.
  • Stress the positive even when articulating what we are not for. We’re not for: walls, racism, sexism, cronyism, trickle down economics, unilateral foreign policy, denial of science, brutality, press-bashing. 
  • Point out that as the loyal opposition we will stand firm, and we have the right to keep fighting for our values and common sense policies.
    We will try to achieve our policies, and to prevent implementation of policies harmful to the USA or the world.
  • We will hold the Republicans and Congress accountable as they are now responsible to govern.
  • We will work to win back Congress in 2018 and the White House in 2020.
  • We welcome all to join, including otherUScitizen organizations and non-Americans, but our focus is on DA members/US citizens talking about what we as Americans believe in and need to do in theUSA.


  • Try not to focus on Trump himself but rather “the Republicans” as a group.
  • Stay away from “trouble-maker” groups and aggressive, profane demonstrators. Keep our DA message peaceful.
  • We are not anti-USA
  • NEVER  endorse any local political party or candidate, likewise don't condemn any local political party or candidate
  • DO NOT invite any local political party or candidate to speak.

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