DA Vision Statement & Mission Statement

DPCA (Democrats Abroad) Vision Statement

Democrats Abroad strives to provide Americans abroad a Democratic voice in our government and elect Democratic candidates by mobilizing the overseas vote.
as approved by the DPCA Executive Committee, December 2015 


DPCA (Democrats Abroad) Mission Statement

(download PDF version: MissionStatement.pdf)

as approved by the DPCA Executive Committee, July 2013

Democrats Abroad is the official arm of the Democratic Party of the United States, working as a state party for US citizens living abroad. The mission of Democrats Abroad is to represent and serve American citizens living outside the United States who support the principles of the Democratic Party.

In pursuit of this mission, we will:

  • assist Americans living abroad to vote in U.S. elections, inform them of their voting rights and procedures, and encourage their participation in the American political process.

  • help elect Democrats in U.S. elections.

  • increase the awareness and responsiveness of U.S. government officials and elected representatives to the concerns of Americans living abroad.

  • protect and enhance the right to vote for Americans abroad.

  • grow and develop Democrats Abroad by encouraging participation in country committees, chapters, and at the global level, and by raising awareness of issues that concern Americans living abroad.

  • work with Democratic Party organizations to achieve our goals. 

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