ERA State Information and Contacts

For each of the 13 states that have not ratified the ERA, we have collected contact information for all of the State Congress members, State House members, Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State.   In addition we have information about the status of ERA ratification in the state, recent articles, and state level organizations working on the ERA.

Here is a link to the google folder with all 13 states - click here.

You can also go directly to the file for each state.   Note there are multiple tabs on each file.


Arizona - Expecting to vote in Feb or Mar 2019







North Carolina - Expecting to vote in Mar 2019


South Carolina - Bill expected to be introduced in Jan 2019


Virginia - Dec 2018 - Speaker Cox assigned HJ579 to the House Privileges & Elections (P&E) committee

If you find any corrections that need to be made, please report them to   Also if you have additional information to added, let us know that as well.  If you get feedback on whether any state members support or oppose the ERA, let us know that as well.