Schedule Meetings with WebEx


DA’s subscription to the WebEx online meeting platform is available for use by DA leaders across the organization. To ensure that meetings are run consistently and effectively, we ask that leaders complete our Host Certification Program.

To Host a meeting you should be using the WebEx app on a desktop/laptop computer, but participants may join using the WebEx App on their tablet or smartphone, or may also join a meeting within a web browser, without any software download.

There are three roles which will be referenced in these explanatory pages:

  • Host: The host is the manager of the meeting and is the person who schedules the meeting. The host is responsible for participant/invitee management once the meeting is set up. The host can request a meeting recording from the WebEx Admin team afterward.

  • Presenter: The host is initially the presenter in the meeting but my pass this role to anyone else and also reclaim it later. The presenter controls what meeting participants see on their screens and may share individual open files for all to see, or their entire screen.

  • Participant or attendee

Prerequisites for scheduling a meeting


  • Use the WebEx Schedule Request Form to schedule your meeting at least a week and no longer than three months in advance. Note there are more conditions on the scheduling page

  • The meeting request is confirmed when you receive both the Host Key and Participant Invitation e-mails from the DA Scheduler. You need to immediately review these e-mails to ensure all meeting details are accurate

  • Forward the Participant Invitation e-mail to participants

  • To cancel or change the meeting, or to request a recording, fill out the WebEx Change Request Form

Become a Host

Host certification training sessions, training slides and resources, moderator tips, and a list of other DA certified hosts can be found within the WebEx Host Certification pages.

Join a Meeting

Tips for meeting participants can be found in the How-To pages:

Get Help

The DA WebEx Team is here to help whenever possible. Requests for advice, training, or troubleshooting must be made with enough lead time so they can be reasonably coordinated on all sides. We are all volunteers working toward the same objective but, as the saying goes,

“Failure to plan on your part, does not constitute an emergency on ours.”

The team mailbox is at

WebEx Team Managers


Report a Problem

To report problems with audio, video, files, or screen sharing, fill out the WebEx Meetings Issue Report Form. We use this information to work with WebEx to give our users the best possible meeting experience.

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