Schedule A Caucus Event

3 Kinds of Events

DA Global Events/Speakers

Caucus Webinars

Caucus Events/Meetings

How to schedule a meeting, event or webinar:


  1. Do you think this should be a Global Event?
    1. Fill out the Global Events Form here: /wiki/spaces/CommsResource/pages/965544003
    2. If it is NOT approved, schedule a webex or zoom session right away.

  2. Webex Webinars (requires 1 week lead time):
    1. Schedule the Webinar on the wiki at
    2. Put “Webinar: Global xxx Caucus – Webinar Title”
      (i.e., “Webinar: Global AAPI Caucus – A chat with Amy Tan”)
    3. Email the Webex Team: & cc me:
      Make sure you ask them to set it up as a webinar

  3. Zoom Webinars (requires 1 week lead time and is dependent on Global approval):
    1. Check the /wiki/spaces/CommsResource/pages/931760630 for availability
    2. Fill out the /wiki/spaces/CommsResource/pages/965544003 to get the webinar booked.

  4. Zoom Meeting:
    1. Use this link to book a time. If your preferred time is not available please email the Events Team.
    2. Book the time you want.
    3. You will get the Zoom link automatically.
    4. The meeting will appear automatically on the Global Calendar.

  5. Webex Meeting
    1. Go to the Webex Page for scheduling.

Webex Training: /wiki/spaces/WebEx/pages/4900519938

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