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Active listening is a form of communication used in conflict resolution and counseling. An active listener’s focus is on fully understanding and remembering what is said, communicating to the speaker that his or her words have been heard and are being considered. Continue to the full Active Listening web page.

Socializing with Family and Neighbors

Let’s talk about something else! How to re-socialize with the community around you. Continue to the full Socializing with Family and Neighbors web page.

Discussing Policy without Arguing

Here are some tools for influencing “red” voters and politicians of all “colors” even if you do not live in a red state, including sections on understanding voter values, understanding Trump voters, and examples of how to frame policy issues to appeal to conservative values. Continue to the full Discussing Policy without Arguing web page.

Source: Democrats Abroad Mexico, Costa Banderas Chapter: Dean McIntyre, Rachaal Steele, Wendy Woodworth