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♿️ POST-EVENT RECAP | GDC Edition of CtD

On October 30, 2021, we held our first-member event since becoming official on September 18, 2021.  Our Global Disability Caucus (GDC) Edition of Connect the Dots (CtD) was a success and was well received.  Thank you to DA members who participated in our meaningful CtD discussion.  We ended 42 minutes later at 11:12am and are honoured attendees left wanting more.


    BR1: Accessibility - Heather Stone & Allyssa Schoenemann
    BR2: Disability Legislation - Marnie Delaney & Ken Sherman
    BR3: Intersectionality: Nonbinary Individuals with Disabilities - Beth Landry
    BR4: Mental Health Awareness - Elizabeth Blackbourn & Anthony "Mike" Nitz

Many thanks to our esteemed speakers and founding caucus members for helping make our event a great success!  We are also grateful for the continued support and guidance from Int'l Chair Candice Kerestan, Global Caucus Coordinator Karen Frankenstein, Global Social Media Coordinator Edgar Lopez-Vallejo, DA South Korea Chair & AP GOTV Coordinator Cory Lemke, and founding members of DA Connect the Dots.

“The Future is Accessible!”

Global Disability Caucus (GDC) Steering Committee,

Marnie Delaney, GDC Chair (France)
Elizabeth Blackbourn, GDC Communications Coordinator (China)
Pierre Filatov, GDC Secretary (France)
Max Macleod, GDC Events Coordinator (Canada)
Anthony “Mike” Nitz, GDC Legislation (Vietnam)
Denise Roig, GDC Member-At-Large - Americas (Canada)
Allyssa Schoenemann, GDC Education & Awareness (Germany)
Ken Sherman, GDC DNC Liaison (Canada)
Heather Stone, GDC Member-At-Large - Americas (Israel)
Lissette F. Wright, GDC IT Liaison (Canada)