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Tips and Guidance for in-room WebEx Moderators

At timesSometimes, such as our Global DPCA Meetings, we need to combine remote WebEx participation with a gathering of people in a conference meeting room. This becomes much more complicated than when remote individuals are each sitting in front of their own personal computer.

Participants in a meeting room can easily forget about the remote participants on WebEx. Having one or more dedicated WebEx moderators will help keep the meeting together and create a more positive experience for everyone.

These Moderator Tips are intended to provide orientation and guidance to moderators who may be new to WebEx and help them to create a successful and productive meeting.


  • Host and Presenter need to closely cooperate and share the work load
  • With a large number of remote participants and a group gathered in the room, it is too much for one person to do both rolls
    • Host is responsible for keeping everyone on mute and fixing the focus of the video presentations
    • Presenter manages documents and slides in the white-board area 
    • Presenter manages the screen that people see in the room – from full video display to seeing the Chat box
    • Moderator makes sure that WebEx participants are recognized in the room, that the Question Queue is tracked, and that in-room activities (e.g.: coffee breaks, voting, etc.) are communicated to WebEx participants.
  • Have the Meeting Host Key number ready, in case something happens to the Host computer and you need to reclaim control over the meeting

Staffing and Team Members

  • Team Lead – someone who is responsible for the overall coordination, staffing, network, and hardware set up.
    • Do not assume that someone else will "make it happen" – get confirmations on all the details
  • On-site tech-team – providing the A/V setup of projectors, mics, sound board, cables
  • Network providers – to ensure Internet bandwidth. Often not the same people as the A/V equipment team.
    • providing both fixed line and WiFi connections for the room 
  • Host Manager (in-room or remote) – real-time management of participant mute controls and passing the Presenter
    • share Host Key with Presenter and Moderator Managers so that they can take control as needed
  • Presenter Manager (best if in-room) – preparing presentations as PDF files and uploading them to WebEx whiteboard
    • presentation slide transitions when the Podium speaker is not controlling the slides themselves
  • Moderator Manager (must be in-room) – monitoring the chat box, tracking "Hand Up" queue, keeping room aware of WebEx issues
    • always have emergency access to reach the tech-team and network providers

WebEx Login names

  • When you first login to WebEx from the in-room moderator computers use a name that describes that computer.
  • For example: (using the "!" in front of the name will keep it at the top of the alphabetical participants list)
    • !PuntaCana Hub
    • !PuntaCana Podium
    • !PuntaCana Moderator
  • Encourage all participants to include their DA Title/Officer position in their name when they sign in