Women's March 2019 Event Guidelines

Do’s and some Don’ts for organizing your own celebration during the weekend of January 19th-20th, 2018

Our Core Thematic Guidelines

  • Our goal is to grow and empower our own Global Women's Caucus and funnel our energy into protecting women’s rights especially through ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)   
  • We want to organize new local women caucus groups and grow membership in existing ones.  

This year’s theme is “Stop Violence Against Women.” 
Our DA Global Women’s caucus will focus on achieving this goal by working through our legal system to secure equality under the law.

The DO’s

  • Take a look at our GWC Wiki section for materials you might like to use for your event including "How to organize your Caucus," , and "Activities for your Caucus"
  • If you're hitting the streets, be sure to check here first:  "Guidance for DA Marches,"
  • Incorporate our theme into your plans as much as possible
  • Encourage everyone who attends to join our caucus online
  • We go into the march this year as Blue wave winners! We want positive, powerful, forward looking events. 
  • Non-DA, non-American groups are welcome to join in the celebration, but must understand/be comfortable with our goal.
  • We would like to put together a film including footage from all over the world, so please do film and take lots of photos! Share photos, video clips etc. of your event with us.
  • We'd love to hear from you about your plans! Get in touch with us here to let us know what you're doing  so that we can share your great ideas with others and if you'd like, post your event on our caucus website and FB page.


  • Do not march or organize a public event without getting the required permits;
  • Assure that the local police and/or authorities are notified for security reasons
  • If you are marching/organizing with other groups, assure that their goals are consistent with ours;
  • Make sure that we are not involved in national or local political groups; meaning, do not join under the DA banner any groups who are involved in your host countrie's politics; 
    DA does not comment on foreign affairs or foreign political issues;
  • If you give interviews, please review the press advice on our wiki
  • Try to avoid “anti-trump” slogans and the like. Turn the negativity into a positive message.
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