Women's March 2019

The Equal Rights Amendment : “My Rights- on Pause for 75 Years”

Over the weekend of January 19 - 20, 2019, DA members will be joining numerous groups in marches, vigils, and rallies for another Women’s March.

This year’s theme is “Stop Violence Against Women.” 
Our DA Global Women’s caucus will focus on achieving this goal by working through our legal system to secure equality under the law.

We know that participation in large group events is not possible for some of us in remote locations.  Others are simply not able to be public about their views for professional or personal reasons.

We’ve put together a collection of event ideas that can be used as a “warm up” or as an alternative to hitting the streets on the big “Women’s March Weekend.”  Pick one event or create a combination of them!

We just need one more state to ratify the amendment so now is the time to increase awareness and demand full constitutional equality for women!

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