Welcome to New Members

We welcome you to Democrats Abroad China. As a new registrant or re-registrant, here are the official channels for you to be informed of events and meetings, online or offline.

  1. By Email: DA-hosted events are announced on our email newsletters and Letters from the Chair
  2. On the Event Calendar: DA China-hosted events are on our events page at Events - Democrats Abroad. Our volunteer members also help update a calendar that is easier to add to your own calendar apps at: Democrats Abroad China Events | Teamup
  3. The monthly Leadership Board Meeting: all members are invited to attend our Leadership Board meetings once a month. You can see the minutes for previous leadership board meetings here: Meeting Minutes - Democrats Abroad China - DemsAbroad Wiki (atlassian.net)

Additionally, we have a Facebook and an Instagram. As we are residing in China, we also utilize WeChat for community building and organizing.

We have some rules and guidelines to keep these chats productive towards our goals:


  1. Grow a community in China of DA members interested in contributing to GOTV & the Global Platform.
  2. Provide community with up-to-date information about DA events, training, and volunteer opportunities.
  3. Support US Democratic Party leaders in upcoming elections.

If you added the Democrats Abroad WeChat (id: democratsabroad), you will have been invited to the Announcements Group. Members of all groups should be aligned with the Democratic Party and have registered with Democrats Abroad.

The Announcements Group was created to provide an easy and uncluttered way for DA members to learn what's happening with the organization and voting in the United States. In order to keep it that way:

  • Announcements are only about DA Events & Voting Updates
  • These Announcements will be posted by DA Board Members only
  • To ask questions: Members should message the DemocratsAbroad WeChat Account directly
  • To discuss current events: Members should join relevant geographic, Caucus or volunteer groups


In order to facilitate discussion and community in a productive manner, group members are expected to:

  1. Keep all talk related to U.S. politics and policies only. No posts about our host country's government or actions is allowed. This is a DA Global rule to allow the org to function in all countries.
  2. Contact the admin if you think you have an activity that would fit our Group. No spam allowed.
  3. Remain civil - no personal attacks, no discriminatory remarks, no threatening other members, no talk about enacting violence or sexual acts.

If you feel that you have an issue that requires moderation, please contact the DA China Chair (Kim Wong) or DA China Comms Director (Elaine Chow).

To be added into the following geographic, Caucus & volunteer groups, please add the WeChat ID: DemocratsAbroad to be invited into:


  1. Beijing
  2. Shanghai
  3. Jiangnan (Wuxi, Hangzhou, Nanjing, etc.)
  4. Kunming
  5. Shenzhen
  6. Guangzhou

If you feel you know of enough Democrats Abroad members in your geographical region to require another group for in-person events, please message us.


  1. Women’s Caucus
  2. Progressive Caucus – headed by J. Flowers
  3. Black Caucus – headed by Dr. K. Stowe
  4. LGBTQI+ Caucus
  5. AAPI Caucus

If you would like to head up a Caucus on here, or to propose forming a new China-based chapter of existing Democrats Abroad Caucuses please message our Country Caucus Lead (Justin Fischer).


  1. VoteFromAbroad Team
  2. DACN Call & SMS Team

These rules were previously stated to all WeChat groups and available at: http://demsabroad.mikecrm.com/oSzMPbw (now archived)

We have now consolidated it into this page.