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Leadership Board

Executive Committee Officers

Elizabeth Blackbourn, Chair
Jacob Aldaco, Vice Chair
Cory Stroik, Secretary
Anders Hove, Treasurer
Vacant, General Counsel
Faith Gary, Director of Communications & Information Technology

Members at Large (alphabetically)

Brian Kloosterman
Lisa Movius
Alexandra Smith
Terry Watkins
Kim Wong

Chair Emeritus

Aaron Kruse, conferred in June 2020
(DACN Chair 2017-2020)

Previous Leadership

Ada Shen, pre-2017
Rich Welch, pre-2017
Joshua Lally, 2017-2019
Alexander Lee, 2019-2021
Christopher Zombik, 2017-2019
Angela Bergeson, 2018-2019
James Flanagan, 2017-2019
Sarah Kimmett, 2019
Aaron Kruse, 2017-2020
Randi Miller, 2017- 2018
Brittni Young, 2019-2020
Patrick Cranley, 2019-2021
Elizabeth Jenkins, 2017-2021
Elaine Chow. 2019-2021

DACN 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

May 23 @ 1:00pm, China Time
More information and RSVP

Proposed Bylaw Amendments - WIP Proposed DACN Bylaws Amendments(1).docx
Board Elections - DACN 2021 Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC)

The NEC will oversee the election of the next DACN Leadership Board. Members of the committee were appointed by DACN Chair at the March Leadership Board Meeting (3/04/2021): Jordania Rowden, Dr Kymmberli (Dr.Sparkles) Stowe, and Samantha Wong.

Schedule (Released by the NEC 3/24/2021)

March 14- NEC Meeting

March 28 - NEC meeting

April 13 – call for nominations

April 27 - close call for nominations

May 4 – verify all candidates are DA members

May 5 - announce to everyone who is running

May 23 – Members vote

DACN 2021 Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC)

Open items:

  • Call for nominations form, what platform should we use?
  • What platform to use to vote?


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