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Ways to Donate to DACN

★ Connect with DACN! 

★ DACN Leaders 

Executive Committee Officers


  • Ginny Hunt, GOTV Coordinator
  • Pam Forbes, Events Coordinator
  • Vacant, Onboarding Coordinator
  • Adam Bucky, General
  • Dustin Roberts, General

Appointed, Non-Voting Board Members

  • Alex Vanderpol, General Counsel

  • Vacant, Deputy Communications Officer

  • Vacant, Deputy Communications Officer
  • Vacant, Deputy Communications Officer

Current DPCA Voting Members

  • Elizabeth Blackbourn

  • Terry Watkins

  • Josh Hoke
  • Tricia Williams

★ Current Bylaws ★

2022 Logos 

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 Please login and verify your membership to ensure you are notified of voter announcements for the 2023 and 2024 election cycles! This further increases DACN's ability to voice opinions by increasing our number of voting representatives at the DPCA level. 

A Bylaws and Rules Committee has formed for 2023. The collections period ended May 10, 2023. There were no new submissions. Please email to volunteer on the committee. 

★ DA China regularly posts news on our website and DA China Events Calendar.

DPCA Updates & Meetings:

★ The 2024 Delegate Selection Plan (DSP) was voted upon at a DPCA meeting held April 22nd. DPCA's 2023 AGM took place June 9-11th. Elections were held and a new International Executive Committee was selected.

★ DPCA will be announcing a meeting for the purpose of voting on 2023 Resolutions. Please find announcements, registration and proxy forms,  Resolution proposals, and more here

Leadership Announcements:

★ New DA Global Team Leaders were announced September 23, 2021. 

★ DA has 8 elected Democratic National Committee Representatives.

★ DA China would like to thank Aaron Kruse for his service as DNC Representative. 

★ Democrats Abroad members like you created the margin of victory by voting in 2020 local, state and federal elections! The DNC recognized the impact of the overseas vote and rewarded our efforts by earmarking funds for DA GOTV. Additionally, the DNC selected Democrats Abroad member Adrianne George to serve on the DNC Credentials Committee. This is the first time in history the DNC has chosen a DA member!

DACN Internal Elections:

★ 2023 NEC members were appointed on/before March 21, 2023. Officers include Patrick Cranley, Brian Kloosterman, and Albert Walker. A 60 day announcement was made. Please direct any/all questions and comments related to 2023 elections to Election notices will be listed here and on the DACN Website. Election notices may further be distributed via e-mail and social media.

★ A previous NEC was created for the purpose of hosting a special election to fill Leadership Board vacancies. Election rules and information will be created and distributed by the NEC. The NEC officer announcement (Jalila Clarke, Lauren Tipton and Albert Walker), was first made public on August 25, 2021. The NEC added a volunteer member on November 13, 2021.

The position of Onboarding Coordinator is currently vacant. There are also other important appointed Leadership Board positions to be filled. Please attend DACN membership meetings and reach out to us by email to learn more. 

★ Any future election notices will be listed on these pages and the DACN Website. Election notices may further be distributed via e-mail and social media.


DA China has a photo collection! Visit our Google Photos site HERE to see pictures of members and events!

Annual General Meetings (AGM):

★ DACN's 2023 AGM took place on June 18th. Find out more on our Meeting Minutes page.

★ DACN's 2022 AGM took place on May 26th and can be viewed on the Meeting Minutes page. 

★ DACN's 2021 AGM election information can be found here: Nominations and Elections Committee 2021 

★ 2021 Proposed Bylaw Amendments WIP Proposed DACN Bylaws Amendments(1).docx


DA China, AP Regional, DA Executive Committee, and DPCA meetings are open to all DA members, please attend! 

Miss a DACN meeting? You can read, watch, and listen to all DACN Meetings.

To join Democrats Abroad, please visit:

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DACN has archived pages. Browse our site to find info from previous years, and Read: Archive of Meeting Minutes. 

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