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Leadership Board

Executive Committee Officers

Members-At-Large (alphabetically)

  • Brian Kloosterman

  • Lisa Movius

  • Eileen Walsh

  • Terry Watkins

  • Kim Wong

Appointed, Non-Voting Board Members

  • Alex Vanderpol, General Counsel

  • Adam Bucky, Deputy Communications Officer

  • Adam Robbins, Deputy Communications Officer
  • Tricia Williams, Deputy Communications Officer

Current DPCA Voting Members

  • Elizabeth Blackbourn

  • Jacob Aldaco

  • Cory Stroik

Current Bylaws


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 DA China regularly posts news on our website: 

This Wiki space is used as the central depository for DACN. 

 DA China Events Calendar 


 Proposed Bylaw Amendments were collected by the Bylaws Committee. The submission period ended August 16, 2021. Bylaws have been and are being announced, along with dates for each proposal to be discussed and voted upon. Please see the"Legal & Parliamentary Library" page for current Bylaws and updated information on proposed amendments.


 DACN Member Alex Vanderpol was appointed by the Chair and Board to serve as Counsel, in an advisory role, on August 25, 2021. More information can be found on the "Leadership Board" page, where it was originally posted.

Eileen Walsh was elected unanimously by the Board to fill a Member-At-Large vacancy on September 11, 2021.

New DA Global Team Leaders were announced September 23, 2021, find out more by visiting the Democrats Abroad website:   

★ Adam Bucky, Adam Robbins, and Patricia Williams were appointed to serve as Deputy Communications Officers on November 8, 2021. 

Upcoming Internal Elections:

 An NEC has been created for the purpose of hosting a special election. This election will be held to fill Leadership Board vacancies. Election information will be distributed by the NEC. The NEC officer announcement was first made public on August 25, 2021. The NEC added a volunteer member on November 13, 2021. Officers Patrick Cranley, Lauren Tipton, and Albert Walker can be reached at Election notices will be listed here, on the DACN Website. Election notices may further be distributed via e-mail and social media. 


DA China has a photo collection! Visit our Google Photos site HERE to see pictures of members and events!

★ AGM Announcements:

DACN 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

May 23 @ 1:00pm, China Time
More information and RSVP

Proposed Bylaw Amendments - WIP Proposed DACN Bylaws Amendments(1).docx

Board Elections - DACN 2021 Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC)

The NEC will oversee the election of the next DACN Leadership Board. Members of the committee were appointed by DACN Chair at the March Leadership Board Meeting (3/04/2021): Jordania Rowden, Dr Kymmberli (Dr.Sparkles) Stowe, and Samantha Wong.

Schedule (Released by the NEC 3/24/2021)

March 14- NEC Meeting

March 28 - NEC meeting

April 13 – call for nominations

April 27 - close call for nominations

May 4 – verify all candidates are DA members

May 5 - announce to everyone who is running

May 23 – Members vote

DACN 2021 Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC)

Open items:

Call for nominations form, what platform should we use?

What platform to use to vote?


All DACN meetings are open to all DA members.

Next Monthly DA China Leadership Meeting will also be our Annual General Meeting.
To join, email for Zoom details.

Our Annual General Meeting for DA China members will be May 23, 2021 at 1:00pm (CST). Elections for the next DA China Leadership Board will be held at the meeting. The Nominations and Elections Committee will be announcing details of the election. Information will be emailed to all members. To join or update your membership:

>> Read: Archive of Meeting Minutes 

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