Next Steps for Website, Email, and Membership Database access on NationBuilder

DA Admins must complete training and certification before receiving access to:

  • Manage news content and events on a Country or Chapter web page

  • Send email messages to DA members

  • Manage member records in the database 

Steps to become certified:

Country/Region/Caucus Chair must:

  1. Submit the Admin Access Request Form
  2. Tell the new admin which topics they need certification for (Website Content, Email, Membership Database). More info on the Admin Access Request Form page.

New Admin must:

  1. Complete and upload a DA Confidentiality Agreement
  2. Review training slides on the Training Materials page
  3. Complete and pass GDPR Policy training and quiz – Now required for all DA Admins!
  4. Complete the Certification Quizzes you've been assigned:
    1. Website Content Certification Quiz
    2. Email Certification Quiz
    3. Membership & Emailing Certification Quiz
  5. Inform the DA Help Desk when you've taken the quizzes
    1. Email
  6. Pass the quizzes to get access permission. You'll receive a letter from the Help Desk team with scores and access info.
  7. We also offer opportunities for live training sessions. Please check the DA Website Training Calendar for the next sessions.  We are always scheduling more, so don't forget to check back!

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