Admin Access Request Form

Form (below) to be submitted only by Country/Caucus Chair, 

Regional Vice-Chair or IT Manager

DA Admins must complete training and certification before receiving access to NationBuilder to:

  • Manage news content and events on a Country or Chapter web page

  • Send email messages to DA members and manage member records in the database

Admins (Web content and/or database managers) do not necessarily need to be elected officers and neither do all elected officers need to have admin rights. It is best to recruit people with the requisite skills for each type of task.

For New Admins to get access to NationBuilder

Country/Caucus Chair, Regional Vice Chair or IT Manager:

  1. Submit the Admin Request form, found below.

  2. Tell the new admin which topics they need to review and take quizzes for:

    1. GDPR Data Management requirements (All Admins must re-certify every 2-years)

    2. Website Content Management (anyone posting news and events)

    3. Email (anyone emailing members) and the Membership Database (anyone managing member records)

  3. Direct them to Next Steps for Access for their instructions and links.

The new admin then completes these steps:

  1. Confidentiality Agreement (CA) form: All officers, admins or members who will potentially have access to information on DA members (from country officers to phonebankers) must download the Confidentiality Agreement, print, sign, and upload.

  2. Complete GDPR Policy training and quizNow required for all DA Admins!
  3. Training materials: They'll review training materials in the areas they need.

  4. Certification quizzes - They’ll take the quiz or quizzes for the assigned areas, and they should then inform that they’ve taken them so we can score them. New admins must pass the certification quizzes in their areas with a score of at least 8/10 or 18/21. Then they will receive a letter from IT with scores and access info.

Questions? Contact

You can find the new admin request form here

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