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Wednesday, May 8, 2024


Split Screen in Wisconsin: Joe Biden Is Keeping His Promises After Trump Failed To Deliver

  • Today, President Biden will join Microsoft in Racine, WI to announce a $3.3 billion investment to build a new data center.

  • It’s the latest example of Joe Biden keeping his promises after Donald Trump failed to deliver. 

  • In 2017, with a golden shovel in hand, Trump promised the “eighth wonder of the world” and 13,000 manufacturing jobs at ​​Foxconn in Racine – that manufacturing boom never came.

    • Trump gave massive handouts to and cut red tape for a foreign-owned company. 

    • 100 homes and farms were bulldozed and over $500 million in taxpayer dollars were invested to prepare for Foxconn. 

    • The promise of a gleaming manufacturing campus never came to be.

  • Under Trump’s watch, Wisconsin lost 6,000 manufacturing jobs – including 1,000 in Racine. 

  • Since President Biden took office, 178,000 jobs have been created in Wisconsin, including nearly 4,000 new jobs in Racine – a third of them in manufacturing. 

  • Again and again, Trump broke his promises to American workers:

    • Trump promised autoworkers in Michigan that they would “not lose one plant” – in reality, GM shuttered their 78-year-old plant in Warren. 

    • He promised workers in Northeast Ohio that manufacturing jobs were “all coming back.” Instead, less than two years later, GM shuttered its Lordstown plant and auto companies laid off thousands of workers. 

    • In total, six auto plants across the country closed under Trump’s watch. 

    • Under President Biden’s leadership, investments in construction of new factories have more than doubled.

  • There’s only one candidate in this race delivering for working people, and that’s Joe Biden.

Vice President Harris To Hold Trump and MAGA Republicans Accountable For Their Assault on Reproductive Freedom in Pennsylvania

  • Today, Vice President Kamala Harris and Sheryl Lee Ralph will be in the Philadelphia suburbs to underscore the stakes of the election for reproductive freedom.

  • Across the country, we are seeing in real time the chaos and cruelty Trump created when he overturned Roe and unleashed extreme abortion bans that are threatening women’s lives and punishing doctors.

  • Trump continues to brag about being “proudly the person responsible” for overturning Roe, saying that it is “working the way it is supposed to.” Because of Trump:

    • Over 1 in 3 women of reproductive age in America now live under an abortion ban.

    • Women are being turned away from emergency rooms, forced to beg for the medical care they need, and left to travel hundreds of miles for health care. 

    • Doctors are being threatened with prosecution for doing their jobs.

    • Access to fertility treatments is at risk for families desperately trying to get pregnant.

  • Just last week, millions of women lost even more freedoms when a near-total abortion ban went into effect in Florida, impacting abortion access across the southeastern United States.

  • If given the chance Trump will make things worse – in an interview last week, he confirmed he:

    • Supports states’ ability to prosecute women who have an abortion.

    • Supports allowing states to monitor pregnant women.

    • Refused to rule out signing a national abortion ban or legislation that could rip away access to IVF.

  • The bottom line: Donald Trump owns the state of abortion rights in our country today. He is proud of it, and he wants to make it worse. 


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