Five Things To Amplify From the States This Week 4/24/2024


Hi there – Here are five stories from the states that we would appreciate your help in amplifying, including President Biden slamming Trump’s MAGAnomics agenda during his swing through Pennsylvania and blasting Trump’s extreme abortion ban in Florida one week before it goes into effect, North Carolina veterans hammering Trump ahead of the rally he had planned in Wilmington, and Vice President Harris condemning Trump’s role in abortion bans across the country.

Also as Black Maternal Health Week came to a close, Kansas Democrats highlighted Trump’s worsening of the crisis as President Biden and Vice President Harris work to address this critical issue.

  1. Philadelphia Tribune:

In North Philadelphia appearance, Biden paints contrast between himself and Trump

Key Point: “Biden painted the contrast between himself and Donald Trump for the upcoming election. ‘Donald Trump’s vision is one of anger, hate, revenge and retribution,’ Biden warned, referencing his opponent’s own words that threaten the tenets of free governance. ‘I have a very different view of America. We have hope and optimism, like I hope all of you do, the optimism Bobby Kennedy embodied.’ … White spoke to that optimism by highlighting the results delivered by the Biden campaign, including 2.5 million jobs for Black workers created in his first term, 60% growth in Black wealth, and Black child poverty reduced by 50%. He also said the Biden administration has appointed more Black women to federal judgeships than all prior administrations combined.”


Tweet This Article2. Star News: Ahead of Donald Trump rally, local veterans, elected officials voice support for Joe Biden

Key Point: “Cain, a U.S. Army veteran and former North Carolina assistant secretary for military affairs, calls it his ‘going to war’ hat -- it got him through three deployments in Iraq. It's the hat he pulls out ‘when it's time to get serious.’ ‘I'm a military veteran, a father, a feminist and an educator,’ Cain said. ‘And what we need in this state is to get Joe Biden elected as president and to not have Donald Trump anywhere near this state. Unfortunately, he's here today.’ Cain was among a group of local elected officials and veterans that gathered in Wilmington on Saturday ahead of the former president and presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee's visit to the city. … The group largely spoke against Trump's views on reproductive care and voiced support for the Democratic presidential nominee, President Joe Biden.”


Tweet This Article3. WFLA: ‘We’re going to hold Trump accountable’: President Biden speaks on abortion rights at Tampa campaign stop

Key Point: “Speaking at Hillsborough Community College, Biden addressed those who feel defeated among the alleged ‘backslide’ of women’s rights and believe it’s ‘inevitable.’ … The President called Florida’s six-week abortion ban ‘one of the nation’s most extreme anti-abortion laws.’ … Biden slammed Trump and Republicans nationwide for efforts to ban IVF and birth control after the Supreme Court overturned Roe, a decision that stood for 50 years. ‘Now in America today, in 2024, women have fewer rights than their mothers and grandmothers had, because of Donald Trump,’ Biden said. Biden promised to veto a nationwide abortion ban if one reached his desk. He urged women to use their electoral ‘power’ to vote out anti-abortion candidates.”
 Tweet This Article4. Wisconsin State Journal: In Wisconsin, Kamala Harris ties Donald Trump to Republicans' ongoing abortion challenge

Key Point: “Underscoring the continuing role abortion plays in Democrats’ plan for the fall election, Vice President Kamala Harris told supporters in La Crosse Monday that Wisconsinites’ ‘fundamental principles and ideals’ will be on the ballot after the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision struck down Roe v. Wade nearly two years ago. ‘There is a direct nexus between where we are on this subject and elections,’ Harris said at a campaign event at the La Crosse Center following an announcement earlier in the day that the Biden administration would start requiring nursing homes to abide by minimum staffing levels and have a registered nurse available around the clock. ‘And on this subject in particular, there is a clear line between where we are now and who is to blame.’”


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  1. Kansas City Star:

GOP war on women’s rights hits Black moms especially hard. Kansas, we can do better | Opinion

Key Point: “Donald Trump has normalized extremism and has set the precedent that our freedoms aren’t guaranteed. When he was in office, he sabotaged Medicaid expansion across the country, proposed cuts to Medicaid and has promised that he’ll ‘totally kill’ the Affordable Care Act if elected to a second term — which would rip insurance coverage from more than 3 million Black Americans. And let’s not forget: Trump appointed the three Supreme Court justices who overturned Roe v. Wade, creating a reproductive health crisis. In fact, 68% of OB-GYNs say the fall of Roe has worsened their ability to manage pregnancy-related emergencies. Black women are losing their lives at a disproportionate rate because of it.”

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