Five Things To Amplify From the States This Week, March 20, 2024

Hi there – Here are five stories from the states that we would appreciate your help in amplifying, including President Biden campaigning across critical battleground states and meeting with voters in their communities in Phoenix, Reno, and Saginaw. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is under fire from seniors in Pennsylvania and Republicans in North Carolina.

  1. Arizona Republic:

President Biden visits a longtime Phoenix Mexican restaurant. Why it was the perfect venue

Key Point: “President Joe Biden visited longtime Phoenix Mexican restaurant El Portal on Tuesday, Mar. 19. He was in Arizona for an early evening campaign event and to kick off a new campaign initiative called Latinos con Biden-Harris, which aims to "engage and mobilize Latino voters, communities, and leaders across the country," his reelection campaign said. … ‘Anybody that doesn’t pay attention to them is really stupid,’ Biden said to an audience of around 75 supporters at El Portal, a Mexican restaurant operated by longtime Democrats and community leaders Mary Rose and Earl Wilcox. He spoke for about 12 minutes, discussing the Trump tax cuts and his own ‘lower middle-class’ background.”Tweet This Article

  1. Reno Gazette-Journal:

President Joe Biden slams Donald Trump, encourages campaign workers during Reno visit

Key Point: “President Joe Biden popped into Reno for about an hour to talk with campaign volunteers and supporters in anticipation of a bruising fight for Nevada’s six electoral votes. … After greeting Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve and Washoe County Commissioner Alexis Hill on the airport tarmac, Biden was driven nearby to a packed room at the Washoe County Democratic Party headquarters. He joked and gave high-fives to two small children near his podium before launching into an attack on his Republican rival and predecessor, Donald Trump. ‘All of us in this room have one fundamental difference between us and Trump — I mean this sincerely — we have a different value set,’ he said. He claimed Trump disrespects America’s war dead, wants more tax cuts for the rich and seeks to strip Medicare of the ability to negotiate drug prices.”

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  1. Detroit News:

Biden campaigns in Saginaw as part of a focus on battleground states

Key Point: “President Joe Biden stumped for votes Thursday in Saginaw, a Democratic stronghold within a bellwether Michigan county, as part of a campaign swing through two key Midwest battleground states. During the stop Thursday afternoon, Biden met with local supporters and volunteers in the home of Saginaw City Councilman Bill Ostash in the mid-Michigan city's Cathedral District neighborhood. … ‘I think that the president recognizes the importance of getting into a community as diverse as Saginaw and having the conversation and having the face-to-face time with folks,’ said Michigan Democratic Party chair Lavora Barnes.”

Tweet This Article4. Pennsylvania Capital-Star: Seniors in Pennsylvania are concerned about Social Security following Trump’s comments

Key Point: “‘I am a recipient of Medicare and Social Security. I can guarantee you, all of my working life, my husband and I contributed to those two programs with the hope and belief that we would be able to benefit from them when it was our time to retire,’ Mary Lou Alsentzer of Lancaster said during a Wednesday press conference in Harrisburg.  ‘We cannot allow Donald Trump to take away one more thing. We the people have to stand up.’ ... ‘One of the things that my wife and I dread is that one medical quote that can wipe you out,’ Byrnes said. ‘Donald Trump has a history of stiffing the people who work for him, it’s completely in character for him to be stiffing the American people on the benefits that we have contributed to and paid for out of the labor of our lifetime.’”Tweet This Article

  1. CBS17:

NC GOP voters voice concern over re-election of former President Trump

Key Point: “‘The Bible very clearly instructs us to love other people, and when you love them, you don’t talk down to them. You don’t demean them. There is no way that I, with a good conscience, can vote for Donald Trump,’ North Carolina voter Llewellyn said in one of a number of ant-Donald Trump videos. … ‘I do think that Donald Trump was responsible for instigating January 6th. He invited people to come to it. He lied to the American public,’ said Rhonda, another voter. … ‘The margins are slim here in North Carolina and in some of the other battleground states. So, a significantly active anti-Trump effort from people who are seen to be Republicans in good standing could have an impact,’ said Mitch Kokai with the conservative John Locke Foundation.”

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