May/June 2017: Taxes/FATCA/RBT Meeting in a Box

We're sure you don't need reminding, but June 15th is the annual deadline for US citizens overseas to file their US tax forms. The issue has been at the forefront of many members' minds since April, and there has also been a lot of activity on the Hill of late drawing further attention to the issue.

Unfortunately, many of our members do not understand why they are subject to this onerous annual procedure, how long DA has been advocating for its members on these issues, and why we support reform rather than repeal of the laws we all love to hate. Let's fight ignorance with knowledge!

Carmelan Polce and her FATCA team have produced some excellent resources for you to hold a meeting on tax issues and FATCA reform, as well as activate your members to reach out to their elected officials on these issues in an informed and nuanced manner.

Here you'll find a Powerpoint presentation you can deliver:

And here are templates for Congressional contact: letters, postcards, and telephone calling scripts:

We are also encouraging our members to write their letters before our upcoming DC Door Knock, so that our leaders can hand-deliver their concerns directly to their elected officials. You can find our resources and directives on that initiative HERE.

Don't hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns:

Carmelan Polce (Singapore), Chair, FBAR/FATCA Task Force:
Hilary Bown (Germany), Chair, Global Action Team:

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