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Non-Country Committee Voting Representative Elections Procedures

The position of Non-Country Committee Voting Representative was created through changes in the DPCA Charter in 2021 to ensure that all members of Democrats Abroad have representation and a voice in our global organization. The role of NCC Voting Representative is an important development for the growth of Democrats Abroad (DPCA) and the enfranchisement of DA members who currently do did not previously have representation in the DPCA governing body. 

These representatives will serve alongside approximately 250 other voting representatives from DAs country committees to discuss and vote on DA business – such as Resolutions, Platform, and International leadership elections at global meetings.

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The Role and Responsibilities of Non-Country Committee (NCC) Representatives

(Adopted: January 9, 2023)

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nameThe Role and Responsibilities of Non Country Committee (NCC) Representatives-2.pdf

Elections of Non-Country Committee Representatives –   

DA NCC Election Procedures (DA NCCEP)

(Adopted: January 23, 2023)

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nameDA NCC Election Procedures (DA NCCEP).pdf